Develop multiple funding streams to underwrite professional staff, education, spiritual awareness, and workforce development, resulting in opening minds, developing life skills and building lives for abused and abandoned women and children of the Short Creek Community.


Secure, manage and deploy the funding necessary to serve the needs of abused and abandoned women and children, providing a path of healing for a thriving future.


Engage, educate and empower the illiterate, abused and abandoned women and children of the Short Creek Community, teaching them to dream and visualize their value and potential.


The Dream Institute’s stewardship of entrusted resources is to solely support the Short Creek Dream Center leadership’s ability to implement the three-step protocol, which is defined as follows:


Establish a foundation where the individuals find safety and security.


Facilitate emotional healing from past trauma and provide educational and vocational training.


Offer accelerated learning pathways with the ultimate goal of societal reintegration.


Establish the emotional connections to build strong families.

These efforts for this community are so that they find a safe path forward into a secure and sustainable future.